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Located in the north western part of Namibia, the Kaokoland constitutes the northen extremity of the Namib desert.
The Damaraland was once the homeland and territory of the Himba tribe. It is a wild area and some parts are quite difficult to access.

In the river bed we find an exceptionnal flora and fauna (desert elephants, oryx, springboks, giraffes et zebras). Kaokoland is isolated from the main tourist routes.

The Himbas are members of the Bantou and have a familial link with the Hereros tribe.
The culture of their ancestors has been preserved from western influences due to the isolation of the mountains.

Fauna and flora
Like Damaraland, the Kaokoland is a genuine natural reserve with giraffes, oryx, springboks, zebras. In some difficult to access areas we can see the last wild black rhinos of Africa and the famous desert elephants


Activites in Kaokoland

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Ethnic tourism in Namibia

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Ethnic Tourism In Namibia Namibia with a dozen ethnic groups offers various opportunities to meet the main ones with the Bushmen and Himba.Ethnic tourism is a very sensitive issue and...



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LES HIMBAS The Himba live in the North West tip of Namibia, Kaokoland is a steep region, its isolation relatively protected the Himba from the influences of Western civilization....



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THE BUSHMAN The Bushmen live in the eastern part of Namibia, the land of the Bushman region is located around the town of South Park Tsumkwe National Kaudom and extending...


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