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Etosha National Park


Etosha, " the big white pan".

For decades the Etosha pan, an ancient salted lake covering 5000 km2 was an annual meeting place of all the wild species of the area.

Today, at a size of 20 000 Km2, the park contains 114 different species of mammals and 340 birds. It is considered one of the most beautiful african reserves.

The water holes at Etosha are well-known meeting places for mammals.

In fact, it is not unusual to see a herd of elephants, a herd of zebras, oryx, springbok, kudou, gnous and a few giraffes all drinking from the same water hole. Lions have also been known to turn up from time to time.

Accomodation :
Three rest camps allow visitors to spend the night inside the park: Namutoni at the Estern point, Halali in the center, and Okaukuejo in the west end. Each of them offer different possibilities for accomodation from the luxury suites to camping facilities.

Each camp is equipped with a water hole that is lit up throughout the night.

At these points it is possible to observe exceptional wild life scenery.

During the rainy season, the pan fills up with water and attracts a lot of migratory birds including the pink flamingo colony from Walvis Bay.


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